PrePPI: Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions by Combining Structural and non-Structural Information

PrePPI is a database of predicted and experimentally determined protein-protein interactions (PPI) for the human proteome. Predicted interactions in the database are determined using a Bayesian framework that combines structural, functional, evolutionary and expression information. Currently, PrePPI contains 1.35 million PPIs for ~85% of the human proteome. The PrePPI database also contains experimentally determined interactions compiled from a set of publicly available databases that curate interactions from the literature, e.g., DIP, IntAct, HPRD, etc.

The references indicated below provide detailed descriptions of the methods used and how the database was constructed.

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Zhang QC, Petrey D, Deng L, Qiang L, Shi Y, Thu CA, Bisikirska B, Lefebvre C, Accili D, Hunter T, Maniatis T, Califano A, Honig B. Structure-based prediction of protein-protein interactions on a genome-wide scale. Nature. 2012 Oct 25;490(7421):556-60.

Zhang QC, Petrey D, Garzón JI, Deng L, Honig B. PrePPI: a structure-informed database of protein-protein interactions. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013 Jan;41(Database issue):D828-33.


PredUs is supported by a funding from the NIH Grant # GM030518, NESG NIH Grant # GM074958 and MAGNet NIH Grant # CA121852.


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